I always find it so hard to write these Abouts. Either I feel like a stodgy old man with a pole up my… well… no matter… or I simply do not know what to write, but I will make a try.

My name is Mikael and I currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden. I live a fairly uncomplicated life with my wife and our two sons. We will be moving to a new residence in the beginning of 2017, wich will make things interresting for a while.

I work as a C#/.Net developer for a medium sized company called Svensk Byggtjanst. I have been working here for about a year now, mostly with .Net MVC and SQL Server with a focus on the backend part of things. I really would like to learn more about the frontend part of things however.

In 2017 I will be on paternal leave starting January 1 until some time in August when our youngest son starts kindergarten.

During my spare time I am usually involved in one project or another. Right now I have two main focuses.

  1. Learn one (or more) of the “cool kids” JS frameworks. I.E. React/Angular/Vue etc.
  2. Turning a ESP8266, a (tiny) WIFI board into a mobile PIR sensor

I will attempt to turn my successes and failures into blog posts here so that someone may end up learning something from my mistakes.