Battery life

Ok, so now the move is over and I have finally had some time that allowed me to conduct a couple of experiments.

The first experiment was fairly straight forward. I hooked up 3x 2450mAh AA batteries to my ESP and simply left them there until they ran out.  At the time I hooked them up they had been used for short periods of time to see if they could run the ESP. The ESP connected to my network but did nothing else.

Conclusion: The battery life was 3-4 days… and that was running the ESP without any PIR Sensor at all… and that is simply not even close enough to make a solution viable. In order to make it an actual option the batterylife should be 6+ months or preferrably 1-2 years… not days.

Running the ESP on PIR output

So we need to power the ESP chip only when we have a detection. OK, the ESP runs on 3.3V… the power output of the PIR sensor is 3.3V… Hmm… match made in heaven?

So, what I did was to hook the PIR sensor output to the VCC and CH_PD pins directly. This should make the ESP power up and do its thing right?

Apparently not… What happened was that as the PIR detected a movement the ESP LED flashed at about 1/10 of its ordinary brightness for about half a second and then nothing. I think that the voltage is there, but not the amps. The current is simply not enough to run the ESP chip… which is fairly power hungry…

Is there a way to fassion a kind of circuit breaker that connects the batteries directly to the ESP and only using the PIR to trigger the breaker? So far I have not found anything about it. If you have any clue or link to someone who does then I would appreciate it greatly if you could give it to me.

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