New arrival

It finally arrived!

Arducam 2MP V2 Mini Camera Shield + ESP8266 Esp-12F Nano Evaluation Kit

It was supposed to arrive by Dec. 5 but it did not. A week or so later I got a message from Ebay asking if it had arrived or if I wanted to write to the seller. Two days ago I got a full refund and then today the package arrived. I actually think I will pay them for it anyway simply because it is not their fault that the delivery was late… and also because they did give me a full refund with zero fuzz, and to me that is worh a lot. If I buy more of these I will definitly buy them from the same seller simply because I now know for a fact that what they write in their description about refund is true. So buying from them feels safe. And on ebay that is one of the best grades you can ever give a seller.

Anyway, here are the package and the little camera when I unpacked it. The ESP-12F is behind the camera so it is not possible to see it from this angle.


Put on ice

So it arrived, but due to the fact that we are moving in just two weeks time I will keep it in its package until after the move is complete and just concentrate on getting my ESP8266 to work. But don’t worry, you will get pictures as well as updates on how things work out 🙂

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