My trip with the ESP8266 and NodeMCU

I have never done anything in electronics

No, that is true. I may know the name of a few components, and in some cases I even know roughly what they do. Other than that I have zero experience when it comes to build anything out of those said components.

A while back I started reading about a “new” cool thing called an Arduino. It is a micro controller board that allows you to connect various inputs and outputs and make it do stuff. You know, make LEDs turn on and off and stuff like that.

I bought an Arduino starter pack for my *cough*self*cough* wife, who is way better at electronics than I am by the way, so that I could begin to tamper with it. I also bought a WIFI chip and a PIR sensor along with the starter kit, I already knew what I wanted to accomplish in the end when I bought them. A mobile wireless PIR sensor.

This is not a guide, this is a journey

I would love to make a guide how things work, or how to make them work, but this is more of a journey where I will find out what works and what does not. Perhaps I will do a guide later on, but for now this is more of a diary than a guide.

I have no clue where this will end, I may end up with a complete success where my sensor is working like a charm and I can start mass producing it… or it may up in a complete and utter failure where nothing works whatsoever.

So here we go.

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